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618 Academic Freedom



Series 600


Policy Title:      Academic Freedom    

Code No.:      618


The board believes students should have an opportunity to reach their own decisions and beliefs about conflicting points of view.  Academic freedom is the opportunity of licensed employees and students to study, investigate, present, interpret, and discuss facts and ideas relevant to the subject matter of the classroom and appropriate to and in good taste with the maturity and intellectual and emotional capacities of the students.


It shall be the responsibility of the teacher to refrain from advocating partisan causes, sectarian religious views, or biased positions in the classroom or through teaching methods.  Teachers are not discouraged from expressing personal opinions as long as students are aware it is a personal opinion and students are allowed to reach their own conclusions independently.


It shall be the responsibility of the principal to ensure academic freedom is allowed but not abused in the classroom.


Date of Approval/Revision

July 2011

September 2017

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