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611R1 - Teaching Controversial Issues Regulations



Series 600


Policy Title:    Teaching Controversial Issues    

Code No.:      611 R1


Occasionally, parents/guardians, students, and/or teachers may be in disagreement with the meaning in which this policy is being implemented.  When this occurs, the building principal/designee shall serve as arbitrator, attempting to clarify the dimensions of disagreement and help the parties concerned reach a consensus.  Should he/she be unsuccessful, he/she will bring the matter to the superintendent and/or designee for a decision.


In all cases the intent of the policy to encourage open discussion of controversial issues shall be upheld.


Date of Adoption/Revision:

July 1979        

July 1993

August 1996

June 1999

June 2002

June 2005

June 2008

July 2011

September 2017