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606.2 Field Trips and Excursions

Educational Program

Series 600

Policy Title:            Field Trips and Excursions           

Code No.:  606.2

Classes shall be permitted to make such trips and excursions as deemed to be a worthwhile contribution to the students' education.

School buses may be used for these trips when it does not interfere with regularly scheduled use of the buses.

Field trips and excursions may be made out of town under the following conditions:

1. Field trips taken outside a 200-mile radius of Carroll or involving an overnight stay must be approved by the board at a regular meeting prior to the date of the trip.  These requests should be submitted to the principal and/or designee 30 days in advance in order to be approved by the board at a regular meeting.  An exception to this is when a group qualifies for a competitive event between regularly scheduled Board meetings.  In these cases, administrative approval as outlined in number 2 of this policy shall be followed.

2. All other field trips must receive administrative approval at least one week before the date of the trips, and the total annual expenditures for such trips must not exceed the budgeted amounts established by the administration.  The one week timeline may be waived by the administration when necessary.

3.  A faculty member must accompany the students from time of departure to time of return.  If a school bus is used for transportation, the faculty member(s) must be on the bus with the students.  For the purpose of supervision there shall be one faculty member or chaperone seated behind all students.

4. School vehicles will be used when possible.

5. Seat belts and shoulder straps will be required as stated by law.

Date of Adoption/Revision:           

March 10, 1986           

August, 8, 1988

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