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606.2R Campus Emergency Procedures

Educational Program

Series 600

Policy Title: Campus Emergency Procedures            

Code No.: 606.2R

The field trip sponsor or head coach will be responsible for making off-campus arrangements in emergency situations for injured or sick students.  Head coaches may delegate responsibility for handling emergencies at the off-campus activity.  This may be done by filling out the proper form and filing it with the principal and/or designee at the start of the season. 

Sponsors or head coaches with student emergencies at activities where ambulance service is readily available may have to consider an on-the-scene judgment for the use of such a vehicle.  If this is the case the sponsor/coach's decision will be final.  The parent/guardian or legal custodian of the student will be responsible for the ambulance service billing and any attending physician fees.

In cases that are less severe or where no ambulance service is available the following means of transportation should be considered.  If the only vehicle available for transportation is the school bus, the bus should be used.  There may be a school van at the activity, which could be used if appropriate.  It is impossible to have a separate vehicle for an emergency at every off-campus activity (public and non-public).  If the situation is such that the bus cannot be used and other school vehicles are not available, transportation arrangements may be made with a willing parent or coach. If none of the above is possible, a telephone call to the appropriate school administrator to contact the parents/guardians or legal custodian or send a special vehicle (or van) to the site of the activity is in order.

It shall be the responsibility of the sponsor or head coach to fill out an accident report form of the student injury and return it to the principal's office by the end of the first working day following their return to school. 


Date of Adoption/Revision:           

September 12, 1988           

June 2002

July 2005

November 2011

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July 1993

August 1996

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June 2002

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June 2008