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643 Building Assistance Teams



Series 600


Policy Title:    Building Assistance Teams    

Code No.:     643


The board recognizes and supports the establishment of assistance teams in the district.  The two-fold purpose of these teams is to identify and respond to students’ problems as they are manifested in school and to refer students to community resources when deemed appropriate.


Areas of concern such as 1) academic problems, 2) study habits, 3) general health,  4) family,  5) social adjustments,  6) chemical dependency, 7) attendance, and 8) mental health may be addressed.  Early intervention is desirable; therefore, the building assistance team will attempt to intervene with students at an early stage for the purpose of preventing further problems.


The building assistance teams shall be comprised of school personnel who have received training in intervention techniques.  The goals of the teams include using a team approach to deal with students who are having difficulty with school, coordinating efficient use of school district and community resources, and providing support for students and staff in solving the students’ problems.


Date of Adoption/Revision:    

August 1990

July 1993    

August 1996

June 1999

June 2002

July 2005

June 2008

November 2011

September 2017