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621 Programs for Students At-Risk



Series 600


Policy Title:    Program For Students At Risk            

Code No.:      621


The board recognizes some students require additional assistance in order to graduate from the regular education program.  The district shall provide a program to encourage and provide an opportunity for students at risk to achieve their potential and obtain their high school diploma.


The board shall have a plan to identify and provide special assistance to students who have difficulty mastering the language, academic, cultural, and social skills necessary to reach the educational levels of which they are capable.  The plan shall accommodate students whose aspirations and achievement may be negatively affected by stereotypes linked to race, national origin, language background, gender, income, family status, parental status, and disability.


The plan shall include strategies for identifying at-risk students and objectives for providing support services to at-risk students.  These objectives shall be translated into performance objectives for all school personnel.  The plan shall also include provisions for in-service training for school personnel; strategies and activities for involving and working with parents; provisions for monitoring the behavioral, social, and academic improvements of at-risks students; provisions for appropriate counseling services; strategies for coordinating school programs and community based support services; and maintenance of integrated educational environments in compliance with federal and state nondiscrimination legislation.






Date of Adoption/Revision:                      

August 14, 1989

July 1993                  

August 1996

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